Northern California's GREENEST and MOST AFFORDABLE Photo Booth -- GUARANTEED!

Click on the Picasa icon and you will be re-directed to our gallery where you can view and download photos.  Enjoy!

You can order prints through the print providers listed by Picasa

We do not provide prints other than what you received at the event but you are welcome to digital copies for free

Have fun, make comments on the photos, tag and post on facebook or twitter

You may sell any digital copies or printed copies

Attention:  Photos are only available for 45 days from event date.  Longer packages are available for purchase for 6 months or 12 months.  As a courtesy, we do tend to leave them up longer than 45 days as long as we have the space available.

 Your photos may already be in Picasa, if not give us a little more time to retrieve and upload the photos as we were jam packed with events over the weekend  Thank you for your patience!